9 Powerful Facebook Advertising Strategies For Small Business

9 Powerful Facebook Advertising Strategies For Small Business

Facebook is much more than just a powerful tool to promote your small business. It is a terrific way to have fun while you show the world who you are, what you do and what services you provide. You learn tons of new things when you enter the marketing world all of which greatly contributes to better business management skills, not to mention more sales. But promoting your small business on Facebook is no simple task. It is fun but not easy at all. Getting people to hit the ‘like’ or ‘share’ button is quite the challenge and unfortunately, your sales, product popularity and marketing efficiency depend on audience interaction. Here are 10 ridiculously powerful Facebook advertising strategies that will get you more followers, help you engage better with your target audience and in the end result in more sales.

1. Creating A Business Page Is The Best Thing You Can Do

Most small businesses make a huge mistake by promoting their services on personal Facebook accounts or by creating an account instead of a business page. Sure, it is much easier to get followers or ‘friends’ in the beginning but in the end, you are restricted to only 3000 clients and you miss out on a lot of effective marketing tools. One of the best Facebook advertising strategies that you can possibly try is to create yourself a business page. It will be hard to get likes at first but once your fan base starts to grow you will enjoy countless of benefits such as a professional business appearance, easier marketing tools, and clients can view your products and services much easier or start following your page with the click of a button.

2. Get A Design App And Start Creating Your Own Promotional Content

This is one of the best Facebook marketing strategies but designing your own content will take some time to master. Graphic designers are fantastic but no small business can afford a permanent designer. Invest in a good design app so you can create better-looking adverts and capture the attention of your audience easier. Here are a few mobile apps that will definitely make a huge difference in your promotional content;

– PicsArt Photo Studio

– Adobe Capture cc

– Autodesk Graphic

– Autodesk Sketchbook

These mobile apps are fantastic for creating adverts on the go because many of these apps enable you to edit images, create your own graphics, add text to photos and much more.

3. Learn To Take Great Photographs

Facebook is a visual platform. The public want to see visually appealing content. If your product photographs look bad you can bet that no one will be interested in your business. Learning to take better photographs of products or any business related items will enable you to create much more captivating and realistic content for your page and you don’t even need a fancy camera to do this. Your smartphone camera and a bit of photographic skill is all you need for all of your business photographs.

4. Boost Your Organic Reach As Much As Possible

This is one of the hardest Facebook marketing strategies to perfect but also one of the most important skills you can develop because you will be saving a lot of money on online marketing. Boosting your organic reach involves getting as much results for Facebook ads, posts and shares that wasn’t paid for via Facebook filters or boosters as possible. Anyone can pay Facebook to boost an ad but very few people have the skill to get people to react to a promotion without paying for it. There are plenty of different strategies that you can try to boost your organic feed.

5. Consistent Account Activity Is Vital

Facebook is flooded with new information each and every minute. The ad you placed last week is long forgotten. You need to add new and fresh content to your business page frequently. Content doesn’t just have to be adverts. It could be interesting and relative articles, relative news or simple quotes just to remind the public of your business.

6. Do Keyword Research And Include These Keywords Wherever You Can

Keywords are the words that people are most likely to enter into a search engine when they are looking for a certain product or service. It is important to learn what these keywords are for your business and to start using them on all of your adverts and especially for your business page information.

7. Focus On Branding

Try to include your logo or business name everywhere! Include your business logo on all pictures you share and all of the advertisements you create. Use your company name in hashtag form on all of your posts so everyone can easily navigate back to all the information you have ever shared.

8. Create And Promote Offers, Deals Or Competitions

Competitions, offers, sales or deals are always great to get people to pay more attention to your business and to perhaps share your posts.

9. Engage With Your Audience

The hardest part about creating a good and rewarding Facebook advertising model is not to get likes or post reaction. It is to keep your audience’s attention. People get bored really fast. They want to see something new each and every time they view your site and they want to know that they are more than just a business deal. Engage with your audience as much as possible.

Successful Facebook marketing doesn’t happen over-night and developing a good facebook advertising strategy.

It is done on trial and error base. You try a certain strategy, monitor the success of the strategy as well as the result you get and you keep doing what works or look for a different approach when something doesn’t work. Facebook marketing is fun and challenging and one of the best ways to market your business. When you try these ten strategies you will definitely get good and positive results for both sales and business popularity.