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affordable social media management services for busy business owners

Are you fed up of the endless cycle of content creation, designing graphics, and scheduling content for your social media platforms? Our social media marketing agency is here to revolutionize the way you approach content creation, design, and online presence. With expertly crafted content, stunning graphics, and targeted campaigns that drive real results, our team of take the burden of social media management off your shoulders and give you the freedom to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Say goodbye to the headache of social media management and hello to a streamlined, effective strategy that saves you both time and money.

Streamlined social media Strategy

At Viral Content Lab, our process is built around your needs as a customer. We have many tools in our toolbox to help you achieve your goals and metrics. Our time-tested process includes steps to ensure that you are gaining followers, sharing relevant content, and getting conversions.


What are your marketing goals?

No matter what your goals are for your brand and its online presence, we’re here to help you reach them. Our team is excited to get to know you and learn everything about your brand to pinpoint how we can turn your goals into wins.


What is your strategy going to look like?

Once we outline your goals, it’s time to develop a personalized social media strategy. You will be working with a dedicated social media manager who will create a detailed plan. This marketing plan will outline the goals we discussed, as well as solidify a posting strategy to deliver top-notch content across your social media platforms.


What content should we create?

Quality content is a big piece of any social media strategy. We will create engaging custom posts and eye-catching graphics for your social media pages that emulate your brand’s voice and capture your busy audience’s attention.


How can we expand your reach?

We’ll help you reach your current audience and potential customers in new and different ways. Our social media managers and content specialists will spend time researching content, ideas, and target audiences to boost your businesses’ visibility.


How do we optimize our performance?

Each month, we will share an in-depth social media report with you to help us understand what is working and what isn’t. We can make changes to improve the campaigns moving forward. This report helps us better understand your target audience in order to optimize the types of content we post and the times of day we share.

social media management

done for you

We are committed to innovation and being the most affordable social media management agency around. Let your business evolve with us.

Slack & Trello Collaboration

Work closely with our team and get instant response to your daily queries.

Customized Social Media Strategy

One size does not fit all – our strategy is customized to your business.


US based Content Writers

Our content team is native to the U.S. with years of professional experience.


Unique Content

Content that is new and different to keep your followers engaged.


No Contracts

You aren’t locked in to a contract and won’t be subject to rapid price changes.


Content Preview& Approval

You will have the option to see and approve your content before your audience does.

Say Hello To short form content:
TIKTOK & Instagram Reels

Unlock the full potential of Tiktok and Instagram reels with our expertly crafted, visually stunning and highly engaging content. Our team of professionals specializes in utilizing the dynamic and interactive nature of stories to connect with your target audience and drive real results. Whether your objective is to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, or boost sales, our bespoke strategies are tailored to your specific goals. Allow us to harness the vast reach and engagement of stories to elevate your brand and achieve your business objectives.


Social Media Impressions That Last

People see visuals before they read text. With our carefully created & stunning visuals, your audience will be pulled into the posts and the message you are trying to convey. Your audience is more likely to share posts with graphic elements and visuals that are branded and thus increase awareness with your audience. Well designed visuals also encourage people to take action!

Smart social media Content Curation

Have you ever had writer’s block? It can happen pretty frequently when you are trying to come up with engaging, original content on a daily basis while you still keep your business running and juggle everything else in your schedule. To keep your content fresh and relevant you need more than articles or posts that are just written by an expert. You need Content Science – and we’ve perfected the formula. A few examples of the content ideas we incorporate on a regular basis include quizzes, short answer questions, special promotions, inspirational quotes, and humor.

promotional content


authority content

Light Humor Posts


Short Answer Posts


Polls and Contests


Inspirational Quotes

Promoting Company Reviews

Industry News

Stats & Facts

Follower Growth programS

Reach more followers and grow your audience.

We will help build targeted followers on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and ultimately procure sales and other business opportunities.

For all social media channels, audience size is key. Our services help to build a loyal following of customers that isn’t limited to one social media platform. We focus efforts on all social media platforms. This helps you get more sales and opportunities through our unique growth engines on each channel, which identifies, targets, and builds the audiences you want.

Facebook Follower Growth program

This program is designed to help your business gain quality followers on Facebook. These new followers will be well-targeted and niche-related, to help you convert cold leads into prospects.

Instagram Follower Growth program

If your business is looking for quality followers on Instagram, this may be a good solution. We will carefully target new followers related to your industry, ensuring that your cold leads have the potential to turn into customers. 

micro targeting & geo targeting technology:  Marketing to a Niche Audience

Micro-targeting allows us to put content in front of your perfect social media audience. It is a cost-effective solution that’s scalable for any business. It is a four-step process: A. identify the target audience, B. create targeted content, C. share the content, and finally, D. analyze and adjust. Here are some of the unique strategies we use to give you the best results without blowing your budget.

Enagagement Boost Engine

Look-alike Audience Engine

Retargeting Engine

Plans & Pricing

We offer competitive and flexible Social Media Management Services designed to help your business thrive online. Our pricing structure ensures that you receive high-quality services at an affordable rate, as your success is our top priority.

StartUp Plan $299/month

✅ 10 Posts/month

✅ 2 Platforms

✅ Social Media Manager (Email)

✅ Standard Graphics

✅ Content Calendar (Basic)

✅ Follower Engagement (LITE)

2 Curated Reels/month

Content Strategy

Growth Plan $479/month

✅ 18 Posts/month

✅ 3 Platforms

✅ Social Media Manager (Email, Phone)

✅ Pro Graphics + Branding

✅ Content Calendar (Pro)

✅ Follower Engagement (PLUS)

✅ 4 Curated Reels/month

✅ Monthly Content Refresh +Strategy

Geo Targeting Technology

Link in bio page

Targeted Hashtags

Monthly Strategy Meeting

Viral Plan $679/month

✅ 24 Posts/month

✅ 3 Platforms + 1 Add on

✅ Social Media Manager (Email, Phone, Slack)

Pro Graphics + Branding

✅ Content Calendar (Pro)

✅ Follower Engagement (PRO)

✅ 8 Curated Reels/month

✅ Monthly Content Refresh +Strategy

Geo Targeting Technology

Link in bio page

Targeted Hashtags

Monthly Strategy Meeting

✅ Stories and Carousels

Comments Management

Facebook Pixel Set Up


Need a custom plan? Not sure which plan is for you?

Just get in touch with our team!

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Posts, Tiktok

Instagram Stories and Follower Growth Program can be replaced with 1 blog post per month.

Performance reports and analytics are available upon request.

Your Questions Answered.
And Then Some…

Is there a catch? This seems much cheaper than what other agencies offer.

We promise there is no catch: no hidden fees, no price increases, no special or introductory pricing. The start up social media plan outlined on the website is priced at $99, and includes industry-leading customer service in addition to everything listed.

Do you charge an account set up fee?

We only charge a small fee if you don’t have any social media channels set up and need help creating them.

Who will be writing my content?

Our team is composed of qualified content managers; our copywriters and social media managers are college-educated, professionally trained, and US-based professionals. They spend hours researching relevant and optimal content that they can create and manage for your audience in the most meaningful and personal way. Our clients are evaluated individually and we believe the quality of our work will speak for itself.

Do I have to sign a contract?

There is no contract involved when you work with us, because we believe in earning your business month after month.

What is your refund policy?

At Viral Content Lab, client satisfaction is our first priority. We are always willing to accept feedback, start a conversation, or fix issues as they arise so you have the best possible experience. If you are not happy with our team’s work we offer up to two edits to make sure you are happy with our services. Since most of the work we put towards your pages are labor hours and as such, we cannot offer any refund after the billing date.

How can I cancel the subscription?

We’re confident we’ll make great partners, but in the event, you would like to discontinue our services we will ask for 14 days’ notice. All subscription services require 14-day notice prior to the billing date. We cannot offer a refund once we process your payment. Please note the content is created two weeks prior to its publishing date to allow adequate time to plan and research posts for your social media accounts.

How do I post a business special or coupon?

If you have any content requests, send your post to your content specialist and it can be included in next week’s posts.

How does my content specialist know what to post?

When we begin working together, we will ask you to complete an in-depth questionnaire going over everything from tone of voice to style of content. We understand that some businesses have a more fun voice while others would like to be seen as more professional. Your dedicated content specialist will explore your industry, your competitors, and your ideal target audience. Once we have created a list of posts, all content will be sent back to you for your approval.

Before our content goes live, can I see it and approve it?

Of course. All of your content will be created in advance, and a full list will be sent to you detailing posts for the upcoming month. For example, if we are in January, we will be working on February content. If you would like us to post about an upcoming event, special, or promotion, be sure to let us know in advance.

Where is your office located?

Our headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado, Westminster to be exact. We also plan to open a few other offices in Calgary and Vancouver.