15 Network Marketing Companies That Offer a Great Reseller Program

15 Network Marketing Companies That Offer a Great Reseller Program

15 Network Marketing Companies That Offer a Great Reseller Program

July 25, 2020

15 Network Marketing Companies That Offer a Great Reseller Program

If you have ever been to a party that featured a product demonstration or purchased Avon products from a friend, you have bought something from one of many network marketing companies. Also known as multi-level marketing companies, network marketing companies offer a sales program that brings the product directly to the consumer through an independent sales representative instead of a store.

Representatives at multi-level marketing companies sell products and services directly to their network of contacts. Although several network marketing companies are household names, such as Avon or Mary Kay Cosmetics, not all of the best network marketing companies are as well known. There are many established and new network marketing companies that offer earnings potential to everyone.

In multi-level marketing companies, sales representatives can increase their earnings by recruiting other people to join the company. The original sales reps then get a commission from both their sales and the sales of the people they bring into the company. When these new sales representatives recruit new salespeople, the original salesperson also gets a commission on their sales. Thus, the original sales representative can earn a commission from many tiers of salespeople.

Many network marketing companies require an initial investment in a product sales kit. Anyone interested in joining multi-level marketing companies should make sure that the company is reputable and doesn’t put too much emphasis on growing the network first. Top network marketing companies prioritize the sale of the product over recruiting new salespeople.


The best multi-level marketing companies with reseller programs offer value to both the customer and the network marketer. These top network marketing companies have products and services that anyone can buy and resell at a fair profit margin.

Nutritional Supplement Network Marketing Companies


AdvoCare is a U.S. based company that specializes in manufacturing and selling sports nutrition dietary supplements. Founded in 1993, they are one of the older network marketing companies and have built up a well-regarded brand name with revenues up to $500 million. AdvoCare produces supplements for increased energy, sports performance, weight management, and general wellness, which are backed by scientific research and use pure, quality ingredients. AdvoCare was recently ranked as the #1 network marketing company in the U.S.


Another name frequently appearing on lists of the best multi-level marketing companies is Herbalife, a global nutrition company that aims to make the world a healthier place. The company develops and sells dietary supplements for weight management and sports nutrition as well as personal care products. The company’s charitable outreach includes working end childhood hunger and providing food, water to communities affected by a disaster. Founded in 1980, the company now operates in over 90 countries and had sales of $4.5 billion in recent years.


Isagenix is another nutritional supplement company with a wide range of products. With the goal of empowering people to live their best life through nutrition, health, and overall wellness, the company sales are bolstered by many the positive reviews its products have earned on Amazon. The company creates and sells products for weight loss, athletic performance, vitality and well-being, and personal care and beauty, which includes essential oils. Founded by John W. Anderson as a direct sales company, Isagenix is dedicated to producing the highest quality products with no compromises.


Usana is another company founded by a scientist, and they promote the science that goes into their product research with its InCelligence technology that works at the cellular level. With sales of $1.19 billion, the company sells health and longevity products that include food, energy boosters, and an anti-aging skin-care line made with natural botanicals. The company has been voted one of the “50 Best Places to Work,” and they’ve partnered with Dr. Oz.

Essential Oils Network Marketing Companies



Look at any list of top multi-level marketing companies, and you will see doTerra on the list, despite the fact that is one of the relatively new network marketing companies. doTerra produces and sells therapeutic-grade essential oils. The company is considered one of the best multi-level marketing companies and was named by Forbes to be one of the best employers in America. Given how much of the market is still open to expansion, doTerra offers an excellent opportunity for multi-level marketing, with sales over $1.7 billion last year. They produce high-quality oils for a wide range of uses to promoting calmness, strengthening the immunes system, and helping people get a good night’s sleep.

Young Living

Founded in 1993, Young Living was the first essential oils company in the multi-level marketing arena, and its continued success has pushed them to $1.5 billion in annual sales. The company creates and sells what they claim are the best essential oils in the world and has a strong reputation for quality. The company grows its own lavender, and they control every aspect of the production. Their natural oils can be used for body massage, perfume, cleaning, and even cooking.

Beauty Network Marketing Companies


Jeunesse is a health, wellness, and skin-care company offering some of the best products on the market, and also appears often on lists of best network marketing companies. Their products focus on anti-aging products that are part of their “youth enhancement system,” known as Y.E.S. Although they are well known for their skin-care, the company also wellness products such as weight management supplements, vitamins, and an Acai juice blend drink. Jeunesse has good reviews for its products that claim to reverse the effects of old age, which have pushed their annual sales to $1.46 billion.

Mary Kay Cosmetics

As one of the oldest and best network marketing companies, Mary Kay Cosmetics has built a trustworthy brand with high brand name recognition. The founder, Mary Kay Ash, was famous for giving her top salespeople, whom she called “beauty consultants, pink Cadillacs to drive. The company still offers the use of a company “career car” as a sales incentive, along with a cruise to the Bahamas. The beauty consultants have made Mary Kay Cosmetics The top make-up and skin-care companies selling through multi-level marketing with sales of over $3.5 billion. They are ranked as the #5 multi-level marketing company in the world.

Monat Global

Monat Global promotes a “healthy aging revolution” with their hair and skin-care products, which the company claims are made with naturally based, safe, pure, and sustainable ingredients. Monat is among the new network marketing companies and claims to offer one of the most competitive compensation plans in the industry. They also offer international events for the Monat “family” and awards for top earners. The hair care lines get good reviews, and they offer lines for men and kids as well, which have pushed their recent annual sales over $300 million.


Neora, formerly known as Nerium, is a skin and hair care company that invests heavily in research to ensure its products are among the best on the market. They also advertise on network television in the United States. With revenues over $100 million in their first year, the company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and recently redesigned their products to reduce their paper use by 50%. They are also committed to the happiness of their sales reps, who they call independent brand partners.


NuSkin is one of the top multi-level marketing companies selling skin-care and wellness that offers a range of products, such as face and body care, essential oils, make-up, weight management supplements, and even whitening toothpaste. The company has gotten some high-level profile endorsements that have grown to the company to $2 billion in annual sales. Like many other companies, the company gives to charity, funding food, and medical care to children through their Nourish the Children initiative. Started in 1984, NuSkin has been researching aging at the genetic level for 30 years.


Rodan+Fields have a strong reputation as one of the best multi-level marketing companies in skin-care with recent annual sales of $1.5 billion. The two female dermatologists who founded the company call themselves, “wrinkle warriors” and are best known for creating Proactiv the #1 skin-care line in America. Although Rodan+Fields does not sell Proactiv, they have an active product line that includes skin-care, cosmetics, and other products such as vitamins, supplements, and sunscreens. Their products have endorsements in popular media such as PopSugar, Essence, Forbes, and Bazaar.


Unlike many of the cosmetic and skin-care companies on this list, Younique is known for its budget-friendly products. The company sells cosmetics primarily through house parties and uses an innovative social media strategy. Like other top multi-level marketing companies, Younique promotes the science behind their products, saying that “without science, we’d still be using pigmented dirt and crushed berries on our faces as makeup.” Coty bought Younique for $600 million in 2017, and its value is now over $1 billion.

Network Marketing Companies with Unique Niches


ACN claims to be the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy, and essential services for home and business. They offer services ranging from phone lines to natural gas and payment processing. Founded in 1993, the company began as a reseller of long-distance services and now offers a full suite of residential and business services. The company is committed to giving back to the community and in 2011, they founded ACN Global Reach Charities, a nonprofit organization created to expand the company’s charitable efforts. Their sales representative (called Individual Business Owners) help the company’s earnings to top $800 million in annual revenue.


Scentsy has a unique product: wickless, scented, and flameless candles that inspire strong brand loyalty. Sales representatives get their own personalized website when they become a Scentsy distributor. The company competes with doTerra for the most word of mouth marketing, which has grown the company to $537 million in annual sales. The company believes that fragrance has positive effects on our lives and is committed to selling fragrance systems that include wax and warmers, essential oils, and diffusers.

All of these companies represent good opportunities to start earning money in network marketing. But do your research about any company before you invest. Unfortunately, when a network marketing company is not run properly, it can resemble a pyramid scheme. Make sure that the company promotes sales of the product over getting new recruits. A reliable multi-level marketing company wants to sell their product—and earn money for everyone.